Immoservice Thailand is a German-Thai company based in Pattaya. We are specialized in the sale and rental of apartments and houses and their management in Pattaya and Bangkok. In all other regions of the country we are working with agencies.

• You want to buy an apartment or a house 
• You want to sell your property in Thailand
• You want to hibernate as a resident in Thailand and you are looking for an apartment for 6 months
• You are one of the employees of more than 600 German companies operating in Thailand and looking with your family for a pleasant guesthouse
• You want your home care during your absence or have rented
• You want to generate up to 10% return in the year as investor
• You want to explore the surrounding area of ​​Pattaya and Bangkok and your are looking for a German speaking travel companion

then you should contact us.


We guide and support you to show you according to your wishes apartments on the 30th floor overlooking the sea and whirlpool on the balcony, or rather a villa of 600 square meters in a secure gated Village.
We offer apartments of 25 square meters to 400 square meters and houses of 120 square meters to 600 square meters for sale or rent.
We manage your apartment while you are abroad, take care of electricity, water and cleaning and remit rental income to your bank account in your native country or your thai account.
We are gadly to advise you and visit properties with you for instant reference or Showrooms for investment with returns from the current 10%, guaranteed for 5 years and explain you what a Foreign quota or a Thai Company is.
You will notice differences between your native country and Thailand.
We speak German, Thai and English.



We also organize tours in Pattaya and in Bangkok.
Our tours are conducted by private limousine, 4 people maximum and German/English language escort.



General information when buying or renting a property


In Thailand are most large objects built from private property development.
In Pattaya, many of the largest construction companies such as Matrix, Global To p, Height Holding, Blue Sky, Sansiri, Supalai the market operate. Mostly 2 - 3 objects are designed and built at the same time.
While the big companies have mostly been completed up to 20,000 homes as Height Holding, are many smaller companies such as New Nordic, Max, Siam, the 500 units mostly oriented to order to specific target groups. 
Nordic (a Norwegian Consortium) builds, sells, leases its equipment on Pratamnak Hill in over 50 cross-objects with more than 500 apartments and 80 commercial sites.
Max (under German leadership) has a ready-made system, builds a new object and also provides sales and rentals.


Construction and Sale
The developer chooses a plot, possibly several plots are merged. Since this is usually only an administrative act, the same architects are commissioned to plan the desired object and make the cost calculation and provide a construction request at the building authority.
So the object is already presented to the public. The building is original miniatured in plastic.Issued is it in a showroom, an office, which also includes accurately reproduced apartments, including device, floor, balcony size and tiles.
At this point you can buy the property. The price is cheaper than after completion to 20%.
Normally the object is advertised 2 years long and sells apartments. In the meantime, the construction permit and environmental impact, also arrived the earthquake security advisories at skyscrapers from 14 floors. On average, are sold in these 2 years to 65% of dwellings.
Now is the start of construction, the construction period is the average of 2 years for 500 apartments. A shell projectile is created every week, during the 3 storey concrete this place on the 1st floor already the Interior instead. In skyscrapers partially the lower floor are already finished furnished while still the pool is concreted in the 40th floor.


Foreigners quota
All objects are by Thai law divided into 51% Thai quota and 49% Foreign quota, the so-called Proportion of foreign nationals.
However, the foreigner can also buy a Thai home, this is then passed over a Thai Company, which is especially established for it. These are partly over 10% cheaper than at the Foreign odd. Who wants to use an apartment as an investment, it is sometimes useful to rent a Thai Company, it must file a tax return each year. The government has just stated that currently only on Phuket more than 500 apartments are offered with Standard Hotel in Hotel exchanges, but have no license and also the Thai state do not pay taxes.

The location
You want to have an ocean view, no problem, but considerably more expensive.
Pattaya attracts 12 km from Naklua to Na Jomtien on the Gulf of Thailand along. Here you have to decide which area comes into question for you.
Popular Naklua is built with the Wong Amat Beach, but very narrow and with many skyscrapers. More space is left on the Pratamnak Hill and at the Jomtien Beach and the Jomtien 2nd Road.

Skyscrapers cut across the entire city, in 2015 several objects were completed up to 50 floors. Who can afford to move in to the upper floors, absolute peace and beautiful sea views, these dream apartments offered to 600 square meters, with a lift to the living room, Jacuzzi on the balcony, the price is more than 100,000 baht per square meter. Most here are 250-450 apartments in the building.
The Unixx, just completed has 2 wings with 39 and 45 floors and 1033 apartments, the Peak Towers are on Pratamnak Hill and WongAmatTower in Naklua nearing completion. The exclusive Baan Plai Haad and The Palm in Naklua be above 125,000 baht per square meter.
In downtown just the City Garden Tower is built. 30 floors with 450 apartments, very central.

Smaller developments are usually square, practical, well built. Lying very close to the neighboring building, have around 200 flats, a small garden with swimming pool on the ground floor and a pool with a garden on the roof.

Resorts are the latest hit. Throughout the city currently shooting Resorts from the ground.
These are hotel-like properties with several built in a circle and Buildings 8 floors.
In the center are located up to 5000 square meter pool with waterfalls at different levels. Tropical Garden, BBQ, children's playground, fitness center, cafe, restaurant and supermarket.
The Laguna Beach 2 with 850 units, 4 buildings, each with 8 floors and the Caribean Grande with 950 units will be completed this year, 4 buildings with 8 floors, Grande Caribean still a tower with 30 floors and beautiful pool areas.
Other plants with approximately 7,000 residential units are under construction.

• The Veneto, a lagoon replica of Venice
• The Maldives, inspired by the Maldives, 15,000 square meter pool and park area
• Arcadia Beach Resort, located in the city
• Arcadia Beach Continental with replicas European facades
• Olympus Resort in Greek style
• Seven Seas, in Jomtien with huge waterscape
• Orient Resort, with Arabic style

The prices range from 60,000 baht per square meter, with different housing sizes. Again, the pool view is more expensive, basically applies, the higher the floor the more costs the apartment.

Entrance, Property Management, mailboxes and missing doorbell systems
Each building is accessed through a lobby, on a reception desk sits the property management daily from 9.00 am - 18.00 h.
Next to it is the juristic Office. The bills for electricity and water are monthly created here, the dripping faucet in your bathroom? The light bulb is broken and you dont have a ladder, no problem, just go to the juristic office and in 10 minutes is one of 5 salaried craftsmen at your door.
 In some properties there is also a rental service for travelers, while you are in absence your flat is rented out. An accounting of rental income you receive after your return.
In addition to the Office is the area for 24 hour security, depending on the size of the property are 4-8 person constantly responsible for security. The properties are fully monitored security cameras.

All new developments are equipped with one or more swimming pools, Jacuzzi, children's pool, a fitness center, BBQ Area, Children's Playground and parking garages.
Bell systems do not exist in Thailand, the visit is to pick up in the lobby.
The individual entrances to the buildings and floors are usually accessible only by a key card or key chip, same applies to the parking zones.

Apartment Sizes
The normal apartments are usually smaller than in Europe, and here we haven't corridors. 
Upon entering the apartment you are usually in the open kitchen, small dining area and adjoining living room. A balcony is standard, the bottom floor has mostly direct pool access. Each apartment has one or more Aircon's that are built on the balcony and is connected at its own electricity meter. Water meter and Shut Off valve of the water pipe for each apartment are mounted on the main corridors in cabinets.
The bathrooms are very modern and mostly with shower. Many of the apartments are decorated, the furniture is in the price obtained so that you only need crockery and decorations.
The exact means is listed for each object, some are apartments, mostly in high-rise buildings with kitchen with stove and built-in wardrobe in the bedroom.
Murals have only been short Thailand imported. Due to the high humidity has foregone long afterwards. In many stores you can choose these even the wallpaper books appoint and best install, wait up to 4 weeks, wallpaper paste does not exist, an indefinable mass is applied to the wall and glued the wallpaper. Do not worry, it holds.
The apartments are usually interpreted consistently with white marble tiles.
Too black granite, hardwood, laminate or other kitchen color, no problem, we will help you look for things to your liking together and instruct the relevant workman.

All apartments are equipped with a standard kitchen, but without a fridge and oven and a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom.
Resort and Residences are usually fully furnished, this is different for each object. The list of facilities is part of the deal
Alternatively, we offer furnishing, crockery and furniture packages. You decide and everything will be delivered, unpacked and stowed.

Now a few of the unpleasant things, namely, the cost of the apartment.
In Thailand there are no bank loans to foreigners, so the apartment must be paid directly.
When reserving 50,000 THB due.
Now the purchase contract is created, in which the exact payment are written
By signing the purchase contract 30% of the purchase price will be due.
The next 40% will be allocated to the construction period, as it feeds the rest is due.
There is the interest free create a payment plan up to 2 years after collection developers.
Finished apartments, so-called resale deals, re-sale- or from private owners are paid in cash.


The additional costs and running costs for new buildings

Agent Arranging Costs
Are mostly in the purchase price or be paid by the seller
Time setup of the finished object as elevator inspection, pool and water filling and quality inspection
Uniquely 500-600 THB per sqm while moving in
Electricity and water meters and Cable TV are to be paid by the buyer while moving in
Maintenace Fee
Are the general monthly running costs of the building for lift, Cleaning, Security
35- 50 baht per sqm by 12 months in advance
In the first month after collection and then every year in the same month

The tax (payable to the tax office) is 6.3%
Some of the developers will contribute half
Registry of Property and create the Cannot
Partly in included the purchase agreement, can cost up to 10,000 THB

Whether bathroom, floor wallpaper or wall design, we provide you with advice and practical help

Apartment Management
We offer complete house and apartment management to

• electricity / water consumption billing
• Accounting & contract processing
• Regular cleaning service
• Maintenance & repair services
• pesticides
• Landscaping and Maintenance
• Pool Care furniture, kitchens, decorative equipment
• Rental service of your property, depending on the desire for short-term holiday makers or long term rentals

For rentals up to 3 months, we take 10% of the total rental amount. At 6 month contract 75% of the monthly rent in annual contracts 1 month rent.


Motorcycle Rental
In Pattaya you find on every street corner countless motorcycles to rent.
We help you to make the right choice and also check the insurance.

Certificate Of Residence
You have a NON -O - VISA for a long vacation and need a mailing address. We help a corresponding certificate at the Immigration Department to get.

Bank Account
You want to open a bank account in Thailand?
We help you clarify what documents they need and visit with you a bank branch office

For all services we tell you  previously what costs you can expect. Per hour man-hour, incl. Transport to the appropriate places, we take 400 baht as a fee.


Thailand Infos

If it is the first Thailand vacation, diving guaranteed to questions about travel planning. What can I expect in the country, what about security, health risks and more.

The fare depends on various factors. In the peak season flights are more expensive than in the off-season. During the school holidays in the individual provinces prices pull again sharply. There are rarely bargain prices even on Christmas and New Year.
The individual airlines make their fares also vary widely, with a non-stop flight is more expensive than a flight with one or even several stopovers.
If the airline provides a more hour layover, this has a favorable effect on the price, but if you like waiting 15 hours at an airport on the flight. Therefore, when booking make sure that the total flight time exceeds with change not 16 hours.

Visa for Thailand
For a short break of up to 30 days you don't need to apply for a visa. A residence card is to fill in each aircraft which flies to Thailand. However, the passport must be valid at entry 6 months.
You get a stamp in the passport, and to this residence card, both together allows visitors to stay up to 30 days. The stay may at any immigration office in Bangkok in the district of Sathorn, Soi 3 or Suan plu, Sathorn Road, Pattaya, Soi 5 JomtienRoad be extended by another 30 days. The cost is 1900 Baht.
A tourist visa or Non - O - Immigrant visa is valid for 1 year and must be requested prior to the trip at a Thai consulate. Conditions previously read on the website of the Thai Embassy or consulates.

During the high season from November to April, temperatures are around 30 degrees. At night it sometimes cool down to 24 degrees. Especially in the north, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle and the mountains of the National Park, it can be quite chilly. A jacket is recommended here.
All travelers should bring as little as possible on clothing in the South, Bangkok, Pattaya, Krabi, on the islands around Samui or Phuket.
There are an almost infinite range of clothing on every street corner, in the markets and in the bazaars. Many copies of international brands from Adidas to Gucci, whether shirts, bags, shoes, jeans and watches can be found everywhere. T-Shirt for 2.50€, Jeans for 8€, Adidas Sport jackets around 15€.
In all shopping malls international shops are to be found with originals.
There are also at each corner small laundries which wash, iron, and sew for little money .
When shopping definitely pay attention to the total weight. Overweight will cost you a lot of money on the return and is calculated per kilogram.
 A small shoulder bag or backpack start from 5€.
In the country and also on the islands a mosquito net is recommended, which you can buy everywhere.
A pair of sunglasses, protective skin cream with high sun protection factor and a hat is an absolute must.
Prescribed medication duration should bring in sufficient numbers. A first aid kit I recommend only for travel to the Thai hinterland.
There are everywhere in the cities and islands small pharmacies, so you can buy medications if necessary.
Hospitals, both public and private, distributed almost all over the country. Treatment costs have the Thai Baht or be paid by credit card.

In addition to the moderate time for high season around 30 degrees, there is the hot season and the rainy season.
High season runs from November to the end of April, and thus the most expensive holiday period.
From mid-March to late May, the temperatures rise up to above 40 degrees, the end of May following the rainy season and the off season with some very reasonable prices almost at the end of October.
Mostly the storm take a few hours for it to bring masses of rain and flood the cities and villages. Despite constantly new retention basins and street drains, it is not yet able to be master of the rain masses. To stand for hours at streets themselves in Bangkok and Pattaya knee-deep under water. Although the rain brings some cooling, shortly after temperatures rise above 25 degrees again.
After months of drought, the human, the animals and nature through the first rain and entire landscapes and regions would be awakened to new life.

Flying And Housing While On Vacation
Many people book a package holiday to spend a vacation, but remain only in one place.
It is recommended, therefore, at least those who can afford it, to book flights and hotels separately. Bangkok for 3 days and then off to Pattaya or in the south of the islands of Samui, Phuket or in the north. Flight connections across Thailand are usually several times a day available and very cheap with regional Airlines e.g. Bangkok Air, Air Asia and Nok Air. So you can get to several places and islands and provides considerably more.

Apart from the hotels you can find on every corner small rooms to stay, partly from 10 € in pensions and on the islands small bungalow's for little money.

Few Thais speak English, and then usually more bad than good.
The electrical current is 220 volts, very rarely, an adapter is required in sockets.
I recommend to all to buy a Thai SIM card. On the arrivals level at the airport in Bangkok, there are AIS, TRUE and DATAC small shops, tourist cards to offer. It is considerably cheaper to make phone calls or to surf. 

Health Risks
Thousands of food stalls can be found on every street corner. In most cases the families are offering with handcart or scooter with sidecar day and night to tens different corners of their different dishes. The food is very tasty and harmless to health. Hundreds of restaurants of all nationalities can be found everywhere. In large supermarkets or shopping centers there are Foodcorts with plenty of choice. Haute cuisine outside the hotel can be found in the tourist areas everywhere.
Vaccination is not required. Malaria-prone regions are rare and rather the border in the jungles of Cambodia and Myanmar.
Dengue is frequently found during the rainy season. In particular, when in puddles and ponds collect water.
At the first signs (fever, weakness, headache, and diarrhea), you should immediately see a doctor or a hospital.
Diarrhea caused by the hot air and the change in diet are more common. 
At least 3 liters of water a day are required. The heat of the body quickly loses fluid and risking heatstroke. The tap water is not potable, drinking water is on every street corner in plastic bottles to buy.
Generally you should make in the tropics for cleanliness. Washing hands several times or even several times showering duty since bacteria multiply in the tropical climate rapidly.
Disinfect open wounds immediately and provided with a patch, because of flies and bacteria. inflamed wounds take forever to complete clearance.
700,000 street dogs are estimated throughout Thailand, so you can only advise to be careful and not to irritate, to call, stroking etc. Since most are not vaccinated can transmit rabies. After a dog bite you have to go to the hospital!

Rental Vehicles
In Bangkok it is more difficult to hire a scooter. Cars are offered. I can not recommend anyone to drive In Thailand we drive on the left, and the traffic in Bangkok is not comparable to western conditions. Partly on 3 different heights, the traffic flows, the lowest are the neighborhood streets, a floor above the freeways and above up to 12 traces the Expressway's.
In the coastal regions and islands there are scooters at every turn, partly for 6 € a day to rent. Pay attention to the insurance, and if a lender wants to retain the original passport, then look for another lender or book through the hotel. Attention, mark every scratch on the scooter or take a picture, some moped owner gamble you up ... ..Same count for Jetski lender.
The police lock daily whole streets and check every vehicle. On major intersection are police boxes with police men.
A license from ur native country is usually not considered a valid document and usually costs at controls 400 Baht penalty. The problem would probably not be the little money, the police can not cashier at the penalty spot. So you have to leave your vehicle, take a taxi to the police station to pay the fine, go back by taxi, hand out the receipt and then you get you vehicle again. Because in the meantime, many policemen are all equipped with helmet cameras transmitted to the center, you should not bribe the police ...... which is then really expensive.